Emergency Fundraising

Raise Money Online to Benefit a Family or Person In Need

If need to do some emergency fundraising, here's an easy way to allow people from all over the world to donate toward helping out a family or individual. Whether they are suffering from a life-threatening disease or if a fire, theft, accident, tornado or hurricane has left them in dire straits, you should consider using a Pittance Portal. Emergency fundraising through a Pittance Portal is free and it can be used for any type of non-profit fundraising purpose - and seems to be especially intended for those unusual situations mentioned above.

You can add as much content as you want and continually update it so visitors can be kept updated on the progress of the situation you're doing emergency fundraising for. The only other thing you need to set up is a Paypal account (if you don't already have one) so you can accept donations.

They say that you can use this site to create basically any type of site you want (even if it's not really fundraising related). You could use it as a blog or to share pictures, announcements, host discussions, articles, links or create newsletters.

The company also offers basic marketing services such as mass emailing, advertising placement and search engine submissions - you'll pay for these services, though.

You could possibly make money by having your free site located there - they say they track page views and may offer a form of revenue sharing based on the advertising revenue generated from your visitors! What a deal! You make money from the donations plus from anyone who clicks through on an ad that's already set up on the site!

I've not seen anything like this in my online searching about emergency fundraising - so I'm pretty sure it's pretty unique. It seems like a really neat idea and could really be a great answer for many fundraiser situations where you'd like to have a website, but don't have the technical know-how to set one up, etc. I suggest you try it out since it's free and you can use it for bascially anything you want (except, of course anything that's not appropriate as listed in their terms).

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